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Deep Cleaning House

What is a Deep Cleaning House or Apartment?

If you are looking at having someone clean your house, you may wonder--what does a deep cleaning house or apartment entail? The reality is that it can vary from home to home, but a few of the items you may be looking at include:

  • Counters - They will be cleaned well, with appliances moved.

  • Floors - Floors will be vacuumed, swept and/or mopped with baseboards dusted. For a deep cleaning, furniture will be moved.

  • Dusting - General dusting

  • Freshening - Windows may be opened and the house generally aired out to give a nice fresh feel. This is a much-appreciated part of deep cleaning houses.

  • Tidying - Any messy areas will be tidied up, magazines and books put away, etc.

  • Cushions Fluffed - Couch cushions will be fluffed.

  • Bathrooms - Tubs and sinks will be scrubbed and toilets cleaned from top to bottom--floors will be given special attention.

  • Kitchens - Kitchens are cleaned throughout including refrigerators and microwaves.

  • Rugs - Rugs will be beaten out to remove dust and washed if applicable.